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Cremisi is my composition for vibraphone, marimba and string ensemble.

It came to life on the occasion of the 35th Torino Film Festival at Grattacielo Intesa Sanpaolo back in 2017 during the premier of "L'altrove più vicino" by Elisabetta Sgarbi.

Performed by myself playing vibraphone, my colleague and friend Manuel Estop playing marimba and Pandora string ensemble. All of us were former members of ESYO Orchestra created by Igor Coretti-Kuret.

For different reasons I couldn't find the right time and situation to have a decent recording of this composition until 2020.

Due to national restrictions the quest became even more difficult but thanks to Alex Betto and his OrchestrAprogetto I finally could see something.

A huge thanks to the people that helped me for the realization of this.

Akufene Noise (sound and video recording) Edgar Blake (video editing) Bobo Righi (sound mixing support) SchlagKraft mallets

Linked here the complete demo of the composition:


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